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The SHareit is always a famous world’s #1 file sharing app here where we can share unlimited files and app and music, images , data and many more things from mobile-mobile and pc-pc and also from pc-mobile vice versa on cross platforms this is the beauty of this app where you can get all these features exclusively for free and also without any ads in the app. Now, e are going to provide few brilliant features of this shareit app for pc and also the guide to download shareit for pc and also shareit for windows laptop with simple and very easy steps ..

Shareit for PC

Shareit for pc is nothing but using this amazing sharing app on your pc / desktop / laptop and also on Windows 7/8/10  to transfer the computer files to mobile and mobile files to pc/computer without any cable connected to it .. this is the basic use of the shareit app where you can find out the detailed features and all the things mentioned below..

Shareit Features

  • Sharing id Caring: You can share or transfer files at any time at high speeds with your friends and enjoy. There are very few restrictions in this app which makes it the only app which user-friendly.
  • Very Secure and Private : This app is completely safe and helps you protect your privacy.
  • Very User Friendly : The app is very easy to use. You want to share any file, that can be done in few clicks. Remember the days you connect your mobile to another device using Bluetooth and how tedious it was. Those days are gone. SHAREit just changed the process of sharing and transferring files from one device to another.
  • Light Speed: One can transfer the files from shareit with light speed more than 2.5Gb per minute which is really awesome (speed may depend/vary with your device) and this is also 200x faster than any other sharing tool including the Bluetooth and NFC that’s the main reason shareit is leading file sharing app grooming around.

Shareit Download for PC

For this process, you need to have a laptop / Windows pc with a minimum of 2GB ram and 1Gb free space in its hard drive to install this shareit app and all its inbuilt actions to perform ..

This is  the updated and latest version of shareit app and get the best ever shareit apk downloded on your phone and pc with the best ever music, jpeg images, video, app sharing for free here !!!

How to download SHAREit for PC Guide: Details
Download Size 4.94 MB
Available On
Features of App Supports Windows, Android, iPhone
No. Of Installs 100,000,000 – 500,000,000
Latest Update January 12 2018
  • Firstly you have to download the SHAREit app from here..  SHAREit Download

  • Shareit for PC Download
  • Click on the download bar after downloading the file download the file.
  • You can see that the shareit .exe file is downloading on your PC computer in the download bar


  • After downloading, now open the .exe file and follow the setup wizard by clicking on ” Run ” button


  • You have to accept the terms and conditions of the shareit third party pc / computer application and keep on going by clicking on ‘ Accept ’ button.


  • Then the installation starts on the computer it will show you that it’s been going on to complete the setup click on ” Next ” button .
  • And then the application just runs automatically now click on ” Finish ” button when it appears it indicates that you have installed the share it file sharing application on your machine successfully.
  • Now just connect this app with an android, iOS, Blackberry / even PC device(s) and enjoy fastest , unlimited file sharing application in the world.


This is how we can download the latest shareit app for pc and laptop download check out this site for most recent download version of shareit and get updated for latest updates on Shareit for PC.